Membership Support Package – Basic


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Support hours included: 2 hours of expert support per month.

Cost of additional hours: $25/hour (up to 4 additional hours can be purchased per billing cycle with this package – for those months when there are more things to get done)

With this package, you pay a fixed price of $199 monthly, and in turn, you get two hours of expert membership site support during each monthly billing cycle, to be used for operational tasks needed to run and grow your membership.

We like publishing new membership content, scheduling emails, creating landing pages, and setting up funnels, and Facebook ads to name a few things we can take care of for you.

Our expert team members with extensive experience in handling membership tasks work up to 10x faster than average VAs that need training for every task and can often handle only the simple ones.

We take care of everything for you so you can focus on showing up and serving your members to take your online membership business to the next level.

This package includes up to 2 hours of dedicated support for your membership site business per month.

Should one of your tasks take longer or the two hours monthly quota is exceeded in the billing period, we will contact you so that you can decide if it should be billed separately or some other tasks should be prioritized.

Note: work hours that are not used are not carried over to the next month, because this package also guarantees our availability so that you can count on prompt assistance whenever you need our help!

No retainer, no contracts, cancel anytime!

Task response time:¬†we’ll start working on your task within 24 hours of receiving all the needed details to complete the task (or 48h in case of weekends or local holidays).

This is a starter package for membership sites that don’t require daily maintenance and extensive support.

Please find a list of sample tasks we could take care for you within this monthly package:

* Schedule 8-12 emails in your email marketing software


* Add 6-8 pieces of new content to your membership website


* Setup a Facebook Ad with tracking


* Design a basic landing page & success page for a Leadmagnet or Sale Offer


* Fix a technical issue on your website


* Prepare & publish 2-4 blog posts that you supply


* Setup automations in Active Campaign

OR any combination of the above PLUS many other tasks you would need help with!

Email us with your specific needs to see if the task at hand qualifies for our support.

*While this package covers all common tasks membership site founders need help with in day-to-day operations, which are usually handled by a VA, we also include handling of more advanced tasks without additional charge as part of the package offer (like otherwise costly setting up of Facebook ads, Sale Funnels, Landing Pages & Automations for example!).

However, we reserve the right to decline any task deemed too complex or out of the scope of what we offer as part of this package, and in such cases, we’ll provide more details and possibly offer separate billing.