Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern your use of Digital Tale services. Digital Tales is a service provider operated by company Bogdan Radovic PR Digital Tales (tax ID number: 112053791, address: Solunska 34, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia).

Digital Tales offers its services under the condition that you accept and respect these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. By purchasing any service you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms of use. Digital Tales reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove parts of these Terms of Use at any moment, without notice. You are in charge of keeping yourself updated on any such changes.

Who may use the services

Anyone can use the services under the condition they accept the Terms of use and Privacy Policy. You agree to provide accurate and complete information during the registration process and you are in charge of keeping your account details accurate and complete at all times. Use of the services for a person under the age of thirteen (13) is prohibited.

Intellectual property and use of materials

This website and all of its content is the property of Digital Tales. The materials include original works of the authors associated with Digital Tales, or they may include other works from the public domain or their interpretations. We reserved the right to modify, reschedule or prevent access for any of the available materials.

User Content

To provide you with the service, Digital Tales may require you to share your own material, such as videos, graphics, comments, creative ideas, written content, site credentials, etc. In such a case, Digital Tales will treat the data with confidentiality and in accordance with these Terms of Use.
We work to protect your security, but Digital Tales cannot guarantee nor does it take any responsibility of third parties violating the security measures.

Paid services

Unless otherwise specified, all the payments will be processed in US dollars. Users are responsible for paying fees or taxes that may be applicable depending on the payment mechanism associated with the service. Digital Tales reserves the right to change the price of paid services at any moment without any notice and those changes will become effective immediately upon the change. The product you make a payment for in full will be delivered as per the price and agreement made at the time of the payment. Price changes affect only future purchases.

Third Party Content

Through the services on Digital Tales website, you may be presented with third party resources or links to external sites. Digital Tales is not responsible for the content or availability of third party content nor does it guarantee that such third parties will be free from inappropriate or inaccurate content, malware or that may otherwise harm your computer or mobile device.


Digital Tales agrees to protect your privacy based on the privacy policy that details how the information is collected and used.

Membership Site Products

In order to receive ownership and use a membership website product, as detailed in these Terms of Use, and to receive services from Digital Tales related to that product, you are required to purchase one of the membership site products (“Membership Site”) from Digital Tales. Each membership site purchase is valid for a single build and install on the web server and domain you provide. It is not possible to use the same Membership Site on multiple domains and/or for multiple businesses, make copies of the website and/or resell or further distribute. Membership Site is valid only for a single business it is delivered to.

Upon receiving your payment, Digital Tales will contact you via provided contact details to get all the necessary information from your end, such as access and files you need to provide in order for Digital Tales to deliver your finished Membership Site product.

You are responsible to maintain communication with Digital Tales and provide the necessary information needed for the website delivery. At the minimum, you will need to provide webserver/hosting access credentials, FTP access, database access, a domain that is set up with the webserver/hosting of your choice. In case of customization request from your end you will need to provide texts, images, videos, audio and any other media that is needed for customizing the web pages. Delivery of the necessary information for website build will dictate how quickly your website will be built and ready for use.

Each Membership Site product comes with the following services included in the purchase:

Website installation service

This service includes installation on the Membership Site product on your own domain/hosting account. You need to purchase on your own and provide domain and website hosting/server that is compatible with the requirements to install WordPress and/or additional plugins needed for the build.

Once all the necessary information needed for the build is received from your end, Digital Tales commits to deliver the website build within a period of two weeks and no more than 30 days. If you are on a tight schedule or need a quicker turnaround, please check with us via email for an estimate prior to placing an order.

Customization & adding your content to the site

We include standard customization service with each Membership Site product. This is service that will help you get a customized site based on your business requirements. Please note that this service involves customizing the Membership Site features and pages as detailed in each Membership Site product. This service doesn’t entitle building any new functionality and/or pages that are not included in the Membership Site build and shown in the demo that you can request prior to the purchase.

This is the list of standard actions taken as part of website customization service:

  • Adding your logo (you provide the logo)
  • Adjusting site colors and fonts to match your branding (you provide colors and fonts preferences)
  • Adding your content to the home/sales page (you provide images and texts/copy)
  • Adding your content to the about us page (you provide images and texts/copy)
  • Adding your content to footer (you provide preferences about links you’d like featured there)
  • Customizing welcome page with the content you provide (you provide images and/or text/copy for the page)
  • Adding 5 blog posts (you provide blog posts content)
  • Customizing opt-in pages (you provide copy and images)
  • Integrating payments (assistance with integration with the supported payment gateways)
  • Integrating email opt-ins (assistance with integration of email opt-ins with supported email marketing services)
  • Setting up membership plans offered (you provide details for each plan that needs to be setup)
  • Customizing members-only content portal page to add your membership features and links to your content (you provide info about your membership features you’d like listed on this page)

Website ownership

Digital Tales doesn’t provide website hosting and/or any cloud based services. You need to purchase and provide your own domain and website hosting where the Membership Site will be installed.

When you purchase a Membership Site product, you own the website that is delivered to you by Digital Tales. There are no further obligations towards Digital Tales once your website has been installed on your domain/hosting and delivered to you, except that you use the website in accordance with these Terms of Use. The website is yours to use as part of your business, to further customize or do any tweaks to it. You are responsible for keeping it secure, updated and functional once the Membership Site has been delivered. You own all the rights to your website and can do anything with it.

Premium plugins installation

As part of the Membership Site build, Digital Tales may install 3rd party premium plugins. Digital Tales owns licenses for these plugins and their usage in website development and build. The licenses are not being transferred to you as part of your purchase. Premium plugins installed as part of your Membership Site will be fully functional. In order to receive updates and support from those 3rd party developers for those plugins, you would need to purchase licenses on your own or purchase an additional service provided by Digital Tales that includes updates for 3rd party plugins and support.

Custom templates and page layouts library inside Divi

Membership Sites Digital Tales build are based on the Divi WordPress theme. All the custom page templates will be saved inside the Divi Library so that you can easily restore the original look of those pages or create new ones based on those templates.

1-hour consultation video call

Your Membership Site build includes a 1-hour consultation call with a Digital Tales representative. You can use this video call to provide further details about your membership and agree on all the details of customization requested. Once you purchase the Membership Site from Digital Tales, you will be able to arrange the video call date and time with Digital Tales.

Email support (2 months w/ possibility of extended support)

Each Membership Site comes with 2 months of email support. This email support is for the standard usage of the Membership Site provided to you by Digital Tales. Digital Tales does not provide support for 3rd party components, software, systems, or plugins. We also don’t provide general WordPress or webserver maintenance support for issues outside of the relevance of the Membership Site product and what has been delivered to you as a Membership Site product.

We will provide you with support to the best of our ability in general Membership Site usage, customization, content adding, and integration. We will provide how-to information that you need to act from your end. We don’t do any kind of additional hands-on work from our end as part of support; examples for this would be adding new posts, content or further customizing pages, re-design etc.

If you would need extended support beyond 2 months from the Membership Site purchase, you need to purchase another product from Digital Tales services offered that includes extended support.

Membership Site Features

Each Membership Site product comes with a set of features and template pages as part of the build. It is your responsibility to request a demo for the product that you would like to purchase and test it prior to making a payment in order to make sure the website product and features set fits your business needs. On the purchase page for each Membership Site product, there is a list of features and functionalities that are included in the build as well as those features and functionalities that are not included.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have reviewed the website product demo, product description and Terms of Use prior to making a purchase.

In case you need further clarification for any of the Membership Site features and functionalities, please email us to get clarification prior to your purchase.

Features not listed on the product description page are not included in the Membership Site build.

1-Hour Consultation Call add-on service terms

This is a consultation call service with Digital Tales founder – Bogdan R. Upon making a purchase you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in related to your membership/businesses so that you can receive relevant advice during the call. After you fill in the questionnaire, you will be offered a possibility to schedule a 1-hour video call with Bogdan R. The call can be scheduled for up to 2 months from the date of the purchase.

Website Maintenance & Support service terms

This is an add-on service that can be purchased only if you have previously purchased a Membership Site product from Digital Tales. This service includes ongoing premium email support for membership site usage, it’s features, and integrations. The maintenance part of the service includes monthly plugin updates and patches. Updates are also included for the premium 3rd party plugins and you can also receive support via our system (note support will be provided by the 3rd party developer, we will forward your questions and requests). You will receive a monthly technical audit and report. This service includes email support and consulting in case of emergencies and unforeseen events.

This package doesn’t include website backups service which you need to arrange with your hosting provider. Website plugin updates will be performed following best practices but we do not guarantee compatibility and/or possible technical issues that could arise from keeping the website secure and up to date.

Refund policy, one-off and subscription services, cancellation

Digital Tales offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each of Membership Site products. If during preparation stages (onboarding call and/or preparation email correspondence), you feel that the site will not work for your business for any reason, and decide that you’d like to cancel your order – you can get a full refund during first 15 days from the date of purchase. The only condition is that the website hasn’t been delivered to you and installed on your web server. You need to send this request via email within 15 days from the date of purchase.

Membership Site products are sold as one-off purchases. This means that a single payment for the product covers all the Membership Site product features offered. There are no further payments and you receive all the ownership rights these Terms of Use entitle.

Some products might be sold as a subscription service with automated renewals. These services will be charged in indicated renewal period automatically to the provided payment method until you decide to cancel. You need to cancel the service through our website, by sending an email to Digital Tales or via payment method (if available), prior to the next renewal date to avoid being billed again. We do not offer refunds for auto-renewing services.


Digital Tales is committed to ensuring access to the service is provided to you and available at all times. However, access to the service may be interrupted during the scheduled maintenance or for any unexpected reasons that might affect service availability. The access to the service may be interrupted due to the failure of telecommunication or equipment which is beyond the control of Digital Tales.

Prohibited uses of the services

You are prohibited from violating the terms and conditions under which the company operates, and you are prohibited from, but not limited to:
Accessing the content data that is not intended for you, logging into a server or any area you are not authorized to access, attempting to test, scan or probe the features and vulnerability of the service, or associated system/network, interfering with service to any user or network, by any method.
Using the service to send, share or distribute unsolicited email or content, promotions or advertisements, forging any part of the content or service, threaten, harass, abuse, or violate legal rights of third parties, publish, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, vulgar, obscene, indecent, infringing, unlawful, offensive material or information. Impersonating and misrepresenting yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity.
Sharing your account details with anyone. Doing anything that violates the property, privacy, and rights of others.

Digital Tales contains the proprietary and original material licensed from third parties, as well as its own original material. These terms prohibit downloading or sharing such content or any attempt by the user to circumvent these restrictions is direct violation of these terms and may result in termination of service.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

The service and all the materials are provided as is without warranties of any kind. Digital Tales does not guarantee that the services or materials provided are correct, accurate, reliable or error-free. Digital Tales hereby disclaims any and all warranties with the respect to the services, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, title and non-infringement. You expressly agree that you use this site at your sole risk and without any warranty.

Under no circumstances shall Digital Tales be liable for costs or damages, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, harm, or injury, that relate to use or inability to use any of the material, or cause by any failure performance, error, computer malware, delay transmission or interruption. Digital Tales shall in no way be responsible for any loss of user content and you are responsible for keeping backup of all the materials you have provided.

You agree to indemnify and hold Digital Tales harmless form and against any and all claims, costs, damages, liabilities, losses and expenses, resulting from or in connection with your use of services or breach of this agreement.

Revision of the terms

Digital Tales reserves the right to change and update these terms at any moment without any notice. Any changes will become effective immediately upon making those changes. By continuing to use the service after publication of such changes, you agree and accept those changes. Users are responsible for being up to date with any changes.


These terms, as well as privacy policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Serbia. Any disputes arising under or in connection to these terms or privacy policies are the subject of the jurisdiction of Serbian courts.