Membership Site – Venice

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The following services are included in the price of the build:

  • Site installation on your own server (hosting)
  • Site branding and customization service (make the website your own and ready for launch!)
  • Email support for using the site build (2 months length – check add-ons for extended support)

This website build includes the following pre-made pages:

  • Home page/Sales page
  • About us page
  • Signup page
  • Members only content portal
  • My account page
  • Edit profile page
  • Update billing card page
  • Welcome page (after signup)
  • 3x Example Members-Only Restricted Pages
  • Blog listing page
  • Blog post page

Site branding and customization service include the following:

  • Adding your logo (you provide the logo)
  • Adjusting site colors and fonts to match your branding (you provide colors and fonts preferences)
  • Adding your content to the home/sales page (you provide images and texts/copy)
  • Adding your content to the about us page (you provide images and texts/copy)
  • Adding your content to footer (you provide preferences about links you’d like featured there)
  • Customizing welcome page with the content you provide (you provide images and/or text/copy for the page)
  • Adding 5 blog posts (you provide blog posts content)
  • Customizing opt-in pages (you provide copy and images)
  • Integrating payments (assistance with integration of the supported payment gateways that you plan to use)
  • Integrating email opt-ins (assistance with integration of email opt-ins with supported email marketing services)
  • Setting up membership plans offered (you provide details for each plan that needs to be setup)
  • Customizing members-only content portal page to add your membership features and links to your content (you provide info about your membership features you’d like listed on this page)

What is not included in this website build:

  • Adding your members-only content to the site such as courses, downloads, resources (available as add-on service you can purchase)
  • Creating or customizing members-only custom pages or any other pages that are not listed as one of the page templates that come pre-built with your membership site build
  • Additional revisions for pages that we customize as per your requirements (available as add-on service)
  • Website hosting service (you provide hosting)
  • Domain (you provide domain)
  • Email marketing service (you provide email marketing software/service if you have one)
  • Licenses for the paid 3rd party plugins used as part of the build (plugin updates/maintenance available as add-on service)
  • Email support for 3rd party plugins and/or customization done outside of initial website build and setup
  • Membership consulting service
  • Copywriting, proofreading, email campaigns setup or any kind of content creation (we only implement content that you send us as per product features)

We guarantee to deliver a functional membership website installed on your domain and hosting account.

We don’t offer any kind of guarantees that are dependant on 3rd party factors such as the guarantee of website speed/optimization (depends on each site traffic/usage and hosting), plugins compatibility issues in the future WordPress updates or cross-compatibility with other 3rd party plugins. We also don’t support future customizations and tweaks you might be doing on your membership site down the line. We are not responsible for keeping your site safe and secure, you and/or your hosting company need to do this.

The site we build for you will be functional and built as per recommended practices keeping up with current membership site building trends. You will own the site and be responsible for it once it has been delivered.

Need us to help you add your courses and content for members-only? Check out our add-on services.